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Tough Camp Trailer

What a Tough Camp Trailer Really Provides

At VORSHEER in Springville, Utah, our company was taxed with building our first XOC unit in 2018. Since that initial build, we have worked with our clients to create one-of-a-kind, durable, and powerful vehicles that provide for each one of your needs. As a tough camp trailer, you can depend on us to build something that fits the way you like to camp. From hunters to those living off the grid, each one we design is a fantastic example of the best use of space possible.


When we set out to create our tough camp trailer, we focused on a few specific goals. We wanted to provide the top quality products we know our clients wanted and needed. We also set out to ensure that communication was always open and that we provide the best customer service possible. Every step of the process, we take to create your trailer is designed to be as transparent as possible.

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