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Polaris General Gear Box

SKU: GB-POL-Gen4-01

Superior quality and great functionality. VORSHEER's commercially availble boxes don't sacrifice quality.


Built specifically for a Polaris General, this box provides weatherproof storage for all you gear. Featuring a massive door for getting your gear in and out, a MOLLE compatible internal door panel for mounting, and a massive 600 liters of storage space - and that doesn't include the room left in the bed underneath the box. You can also mount external accessories (such as RotopaX tanks as shown) onto any surfaces thanks to the heavy duty material.


Built from .080 5052 H32 aluminum sheet metal - almost twice the thickness of other commercially availble sheet metal boxes - ensures that your box will last as longer than your UTV. Aluminum will never rust, and the added protection of textured powdercoat ensures your box can endure the same abuse your UTV can for years to come.


Shipping is a flat rate of $150. ALL PRODUCTS ARE BUILT TO ORDER. PLEASE ALLOW 4 - 5 WEEKS TO SHIP.