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99 - 16 Super Duty SuperCrew Roof Rack

SKU: RR-FOR-SDCrew9916-01


  • Ultra low-profile, adding less than 1 1/2" to peak vehicle height.
  • 7 - 1" x 2" aluminum t-tracked main crossmembers to support all your gear.
  • T-tracked crossmembers allow accessory mounting anywhere you can think of.
  • 3/16" aircraft grade aluminum side panels.
  • 1/4" lip on the sides above the crossmembers helps secure cargo on side to side movement.
  • Slotted sides allow all crossmembers to be configured however you would like - got a sunroof? No problem! Just slide them where you need them.
  • Crinkle black powder coat offers a RhinoLiner like finish that is very durable.
  • Weighing in at under 50 pounds makes it super easy to mount and unmount.
  • Included wind deflector eliminates wind noise, ensures minimal MPG loss, and provides mounting surface for lights or other accessories.
  • Coming soon - compatible with VORSHEER's lineup of t-track accessories built for our roof racks.


The new standard for roof racks. VORSHEER's first rack to it's roof rack lineup is availble now. This is biggest bang for your buck! Ultra low profile (adding less than 1.5" to peak vehicle height), extremely tough, very lightweight, and highly aerodynamic. This is the highest quality rack on the market offering many innovative new features. Plus, a full line of t-track friendly accessories are coming soon.

We opted to use seven 1" x  2" t-tracked crossmembers with t-track on all four sides - more than any other in it's class - for the main load bearing structure. This allows accessory mounting wherever you can think of, in any orientation you can think of. The t track allows you to use the mounting hardware included with the accessories you purchased so you don't have to buy aftermarket brackets, just use the included drop in t-nuts and you're good to go. We also included a wind deflector to elimate wind noise and ensure minimal MPG loss. You can also mount lights or any other accessories to the wind deflector.


The sides are made from aircraft grade aluminum, providing great strength and corrosion resistance. Slots are used as our mounting holes, allowing you to configure your crossmember wherever you need them. Professional installation is recommended. Drilling required. All assembly and mounting hardware is included.