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What is Overlanding or Overland Camping?

Updated: Feb 10

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four-wheel drive pulling a VORSHEER camp trailer
VORSHEER overlanding camp trailer

Overland camping is a rapidly expanding area of interest in the United States and across the world, but for a lot of folks the mention of “overland camping” or just “overlanding"

raises a question…what’s that? That, meaning overland camping, is the subject of this article.

Camping in one location

For the most part, many think of camping as getting out of town and going to a destination where they will “set up camp” and stay awhile in the same location. This traditional

approach to camping and being outdoors can be wonderful… just think about sitting next to a relaxing river, lake, or stream where you plan to stay for a few days or weeks (if you’re lucky). Oh, the joy.

Sometimes camping of this type is done with a tent or camp trailer that serves as your home away from home. From simple to elaborate, camp tents and trailers come in all shapes and sizes to meet the needs of an individual, couple, or family.

Freedom to roam

Staying in one location can certainly be fun, but what if you’re the type that likes to explore? Maybe you like the freedom a hiker has to traverse the mountains on foot, but you want to explore with a vehicle? Maybe you are a four-wheel-drive enthusiast that loves the challenge of taking your Jeep, Toyota Tacoma, or Four Runner across the mountains and through the wilderness on a several mile journey? If this is you, camping takes on a new form and your shelter and amenities need to go with you. In this case, a large bumper pull camper is out…but a small, rugged camp trailer? Now you’re talking!

History of small Teardrop Trailers

Early “teardrop” trailers started to be seen in the 1930’s and 1940’s. These fun, easy towing trailers brought light and convenient travel to many in the early years. Check out this article from for more on the history of teardrops. For years, these light trailers offered freedom to car travelers and “honeymooners”. They did, however, lack one important feature…off road capability to match trucks and other four-wheel drive vehicles. The need to for a small, but more rugged camp trailer emerged, and overland camp trailers were born.

Teardrop with an attitude!

In simple form, overlanding trailers improved on the existing teardrop design by adding a tougher frame, better suspension and ground clearance, larger tires, and other camper type features to allow them to be towed off-road and essentially go anywhere a four-wheel drive could go. Now a small, lightweight, maneuverable camp trailer could follow you in your off-road tow vehicle as you journey across nature and camp along the way. Just hook up your overlanding camp trailer, stock the fridge, hop in your Jeep and hit the trails. As one VORSHEER customer said referring to his overlanding camp trailer “I like this trailer because I can go camping where everyone isn’t” As it turns out, many of our customers echo this sentiment…freedom to camp where they want to…out in nature in peaceful solitude. Yeah, that’s the vision.

You know how they say get what you pay for?

Are all overland camp trailers created equal? Well, while they often share similar features, it’s important to do your research. A lot of catchy low-priced trailers look fine at first glance, but lack rugged Made in USA durable design.

VORSHEER nailed it!

As a leader in overland trailer design and construction, VORSHEER takes the design and construction very seriously. Perhaps the old saying “you get what you pay for” fits here. Bonus mention: check out the new VORSHEER XCT overland camp trailer…you’re going to be impressed.

So, what is overlanding? Well, we could say it’s traveling off-road with a small camping trailer capable of going wherever the tow vehicle can go.

So, if you're the type that likes to mix off-road adventures with comfort and style, overland trailers might be just the thing you need. Who knows, maybe you'll fall in love with a wilderness you just haven't met yet...

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