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Take your time...

When pulling a trailer there are multiple things to be aware of to maintain your safety and the safety of those around you. This entry is by no means all inclusive, but may serve as a reminder or a help to create a routine to be safe.

First of all, never be in a hurry when using your trailer. This is when things are missed or overlooked and mistakes happen. Take a moment, especially when hitching your trailer to your tow vehicle and double check the connections. Make sure everything is in its place and securely connected. Take a last walk around and make sure all doors are tightly closed and everything is securely attached to the trailer. This would apply to items inside the trailer as well to limit any movement during towing.

Secondly, make sure all electrical components are turned off and nothing is left running, with the exception of your refrigerator, if needed. Check your water system that it is in the condition you desire; tank full, or tank empty, hoses secure, pump off, etc... And, check the propane. Make certain the bottle is secure and hoses are put away.

Lastly, drive carefully. Drive slowly, be alert, be patient (especially with other drivers), and plan how you approach where you are going.

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