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Can a VORSHEER Overlanding Trailer Be Used to “bug out” in Emergencies?

Updated: Feb 10

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The world is full of uncertainty and, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably noticed. Sources like Fox News and Bloomberg have been reporting on Instability in the US and in the world for some time now. In these times of

uncertainty, some of us may be thinking about what we would do if something happened to change our normal state of affairs and threaten our security. What if the power goes out? What if clean water stops running? What if you need to “bug out” and leave your home because of evacuation due to civil unrest or a natural disaster?

While individual needs and plans need to be specific and customized, some things generalize across nearly all situations. By the end of this article, we will make a case for a small, purpose-built overlanding trailer like those made by VORSHEER to serve as one option for an emergency preparation resource to “bug out” if necessary.

Any good emergency plan must include the essential items for survival. While there are variations of “the survival list” out there, it is basically comprised of water, food, fire, shelter, medical, communication, and security. Let’s look at these items.


Water is ESSENTIAL to survival, and many would say it is by far the first thing one should consider. You can only live three days on average without water. A good camp trailer will have a freshwater tank. Size and capacity will vary. A VORSHEER XCT overlanding camp trailer holds around 30 gallons of fresh water and a larger RV can be 100 gallons or more. This water will typically be used during normal camping for things like drinking, cooking, washing, shower, etc. In an emergency it would be best prioritized for drinking. Keep in mind, dehydrated or freeze-dried food requires more water than normal. More on this in a moment.

You can strengthen your water plan if you have a way to source and replace your water supply. This is generally talked about in terms of water collection (rain/tarp) or surface water (lake/river/stream). However you source water, it is wise to have a few methods of water purification, especially with surface water. This can be done via chemical purification (i.e. bleach, water purification tablets), filtration, boiling, or a combination of these. A good strategy can be having water “ready to go” in your trailer (i.e. full fresh water tank/additional containers) and additional methods to collect, purify, and replenish your water supply.

As an interesting sidenote, I learned a trick from an old timer about water and heat during the summer months. While hiking by a stream, we would get our shirts and hair wet to stay cool to avoid overheating. If you have an “unlimited” water source like this, give it a try – makes a big difference.


Food will become important soon enough, but it takes second place to water. Truth is, a person can survive longer that you might think without food…but it won’t be too pleasant. With a little planning, you won’t have to be uncomfortable and you can have plenty to eat. Think of high calorie food with essential nutrition. Consider vitamin and mineral supplements when planning for longer periods of time. Store foods with a long shelf life and rotate your stock to avoid things getting old. Using freeze dried or dehydrated food? Keep in mind these foods have had the water taken out of them for storage. That water has to be put back for them to be balanced in your body and this means planning extra water to re-hydrate them.

Most camping trailers have plenty of storage space for several weeks’ worth of food. Keep in mind you will be sharing your storage space with other essentials, so take a balanced approach. For example, a year’s worth of food and two days of water ain’t gonna line up so good.


Fire is useful for many things in a survival setting. It can provide you with warmth, cooking, the ability to dry wet clothes, psychological comfort, and signaling, just to name a few. Fire can also be messy and will seem to find a way to send evil smoke to burn your eyes no matter how hard you try to get away from it. It also seems like I get cut or scraped preparing wood and burned too often when dealing with a campfire. Because of this, I started bringing a good pair of work gloves when I go camping and they have come in very handy for preventing those scrapes, cuts, blisters, and burns. Guess that’s what I get for being a city kid.

For camping and survival, VORSHEER overland trailers come equipped with a propane system for on-demand hot water (sink/shower), forced air heat, and cooking. This can be a clean and tidy alternative to fire while the propane lasts. How long is that? Well, it depends obviously, but two people should get a week or more out of a standard 20 lb. barbeque propane tank. You can extend this time with a larger tank or extra tanks as you wish. Again, balance is key here.

Fire just feels good

Photo by <a href="">Jon Tyson</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
Campfire brings comfort

The psychological comfort of fire is significant in survival. Many “comforting” memories have been created around a campfire. Fires, however, take time and resources to get going…hopping into an overland camping trailer and turning on the forced air propane heat can be a real bonus in a survival situation.

Another benefit to propane over fire relates to security. As a boy, I read a lot of Louis L’Amour books. These stories were set in the old west with cowboys on the frontier. They are absolutely captivating in my opinion. This great author often talked about fire giving off a signal to the bad guys…it could be smelled and seen from afar off, especially at night. My friend who served in Vietnam said the same thing – they almost never used fires to avoid alerting the enemy. With this in mind, if security is a concern, one may want to use propane rather than a fire to reduce the signal to potential threats who may be in the area. Along these lines, high odor foods (garlic, spices etc) can also fill the air with a signal whether cooking on a fire or propane. Simple, low odor foods may be worth considering for this reason.


Sun, rain, snow…you get what you get in a survival situation. From ChapStick and sunblock to gloves and ponchos, you won’t be sorry for having the right gear for the weather. If you can find or build a shelter, even better since shelter provides a barrier between you and the elements. Need shade? No problem…a VORSHEER overlanding trailer has an awning. Rain or snow? Not to worry - climb in the heated cabin and lay down. A camp trailer also has the added benefit of “instant” setup. Different than a tent, if you have a trailer in tow all you have to do is find a spot to park and you’re pretty much setup. I remember when my family transitioned from tent camping to getting a camp trailer and things got considerably easier…I loved arriving at our destination, putting the vehicle in park, and announcing “camp is ready!”. The ease of a ready-to-go trailer is a real bonus.

In addition to protection from the elements, a sturdy shelter can also provide a level of security. What kind of security you ask? Two legged and four legged threats. More on this in the security section below.


In a time of emergency, medical services may be delayed or simply unavailable. Having some medical supplies may save a loved one from a relatively minor injury turning into much worse. Something like a little cut or scratch that goes untreated may develop into a serious infection. A fever could run out of control without basic medicines available at any drugstore. The key is getting it before the crisis occurs…

There are many first aid and survival companies that carry a decent variety of products. FieldCraft Survival comes to mind – they have training classes and supplies available. Some basic medical training can also be invaluable. Again, get some supplies and find some training now. Trying to learn first aid when the crisis is happening means you’re too late.


Being able to get updates and communicate with others can really help you know what’s going on around you. Let’s say you have evacuated because of a natural disaster. OK, when do you return to your home? What if you have evacuated and have been separated from family, neighbors or friends? This happened during hurricane Katrina. I had a friend who was there and he said it was so sad to see people separated with no plan or means to reunite. Cell phones can play a role here, but how will you keep it charged? A good camp trailer should have a power system capable of powering radios and charging cel phones. Plan to recharge that system somehow as well. Solar and gas generators are most common. Also consider creating a alternate location list (one south, one west, etc) and giving it to other friends and family so they can know where you may go so they can try to reach you there. If you don’t have a friend or relative in the direction you may have to go, consider selecting a High School in that town as your planned destination. “If we have to evacuate east, we plan to be at Rogers high school in Spokane, Washington 2 hours east of our home”.

What if you end up staying home? A Vorsheer trailer can serve as a secondary power source if you need to "bug in" in the event of a power outage allowing you to have backup power in the event of an emergency. Vorsheer trailers can be equipped with an on-board generator, which can provide power to your home for several hours or even days, depending on the size of the generator and the appliances being powered. Additionally, the trailer can be powered by solar panels or other renewable energy sources, making it a green and environmentally-friendly way to keep your home powered during an emergency.


Security is a critical aspect of survival in an emergency, particularly in terms of personal safety from both people and animals. A VORSHEER overland trailer provides a secure and fortified place to sleep and can also serve as a safe holding area as parents deal with threats. The trailer is equipped with locking doors, aluminum frame walls, and a tough aluminum exterior. Its compact size also makes it easy to secure in a remote location. In addition, because of the onboard power system, the trailer can be outfitted with additional security measures such as flood lights, alarms, and surveillance cameras.

For those who choose to include firearms as a means of protection, it is important to understand the laws and regulations surrounding firearms and to receive proper training. A person can get training from a number of reputable companies. Fieldcraft Survival ( is one such resource for training in firearms handling and safety.

It is also important to have a plan for personal safety from animals. This may include storing food securely to avoid attracting wildlife, carrying bear spray or other animal deterrents, and knowing how to safely interact with wildlife.

In conclusion, a VORSHEER overland trailer can provide essential resources for survival in an emergency, including water, food, fire, shelter, medical, communication, and security. With its compact size and versatility, a VORSHEER trailer can be a valuable asset in a bug out scenario, especially when combined with proper training and safety measures such as those offered by Fieldcraft Survival.


In conclusion, having a VORSHEER overlanding trailer in your emergency preparation plan can provide you with the essential items for survival - water, food, fire, shelter, medical, communication, and security. With a freshwater tank that can hold up to 30 gallons of water and ample storage space for food, you can ensure that you have a reliable source of clean water and food in an emergency. The trailer's propane system, equipped with an on-demand hot water, forced air heat, and cooking capabilities, can serve as a clean and efficient alternative to fire while the propane lasts. Furthermore, the trailer's sturdy construction and mobility provide you with a secure shelter and the ability to evacuate if necessary. In times of uncertainty and instability, having a VORSHEER trailer can give you peace of mind, knowing that you are prepared for any situation.

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