Pop Up Tent Trailer

When You Want More Than a Basic Pop Up Tent Trailer

There are some instances when a simple pop up trailer is good enough. There are other times when you are too serious about your experiences and trips, and you want more. At VORSHEER in Springville, Utah, we customize our trailers for our clients. The pop up tent trailer you want can have the features that are right for the experience you are planning. Let us work with you to custom fabricate a solution for just about any experience you desire.


There are various ways you can make a pop up tent trailer a better fit for you. You can start with the size and features you need, such as the right amount of cabin and galley storage, basic lighting, and a basic battery system. Or, you can update your trailer to include more of the features that fit your needs, such as a fridge and freezer package, audio package, or a propane stove enhancement.