Pop Up Camper

Is a Pop Up Camper Your Best Bet?

A pop up camper is done designed to provide some exceptional features to help enhance the way you plan to hit the road. These campers are some of the most common because they are so simple to tow. What if you want more than just a simple camper, though? At VORSHEER, we offer more options for you to choose from, including the ability to custom fabricate almost every component of these campers for your needs.


What benefit does a customized pop up camper have to offer? That depends on what your goals are. Some of our clients want to use them for long hunting trips. Having a fridge and freezer package added to your basic trailer makes sense. Perhaps you plan to camp and then bike. If that is the case, you want to have a bike carrier on board. You may want more electronics or fewer features. There is no doubt that plenty of options exist for customizing your camper to fit the type of trip you plan to take. And, when you do, you are able to really get out there and have fun.