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  1. Attach the gear tray arms to the gear tray using the ¼ x 1 ½” bolts. Do not tighten completely, leave everything loose

    • Be sure to use the 7/8” spacers in between the gear tray and gear tray arms

    • Be sure to use a washer in between the bolt head and gear tray leg, as well as the nut and the gear tray.

  2. Remove the rear lower bolt from the roll cage on both sides of the Polaris General. Place in a safe place in case they are ever needed again.

  3. Place the Gear Tray on the Polaris General as it would sit once installed

  4. Line the hole up on top of the gear tray leg with the hole you removed the bolt from on the roll cage

  5. Place a 1” spacer in between the roll cage and the gear tray leg

  6. Push the 3/8” x 2 ¾” bolt through the leg tray hole, 1” spacer, and Polaris General roll cage hole. Thread the nut on the bolt once through.

    • Ensure a washer is in between the bolt and the gear tray leg.

    • Repeat this process on the other side.

    • NOTE: It will be tight when you pull the second leg to line the holes up. This is fine, the legs are meant to be pulled in order to keep pressure on the whole system so the tray remains secure.

  7. Once both sides have the bolt through, line the nut up with the nut catch on the inside of the roll cage then tighten the bolts on both sides.

  8. Line the holes up on the gear tray and the Polaris General bed and drop in the lock and ride anchors in both sides then tighten.

  9. Adjust tray so it sits as desired then tighten bolt on the legs.

  10. Preform a final check and ensure that all bolts and anchors are tightened.