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Overland Camp Trailer

Looking for an Overland Camp Trailer?

An overland camp trailer is one of the most commonly sought after trailers for those who are serious about camping. At VORSHEER in Springville, Utah, we craft customized trailers to fit just about any need. This particular design is a bit unique compared to others you may find. Typically, they are heavy duty systems, built to fit your assets. Most of them are designed for ATV or motorcycles, but you can use them for a wide range of features.


When you work with us to design your overland camp trailer, you get much more than just a trailer to pull your gear. Our designs are able to provide you with far more, including just about everything you need to do some remote camping no matter where you want to go. What is nice about our products is that you can choose the style and the level of sophistication you want. You can choose something very simple or extraordinary. We work with you to get it right every time.

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