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Off Road Camp Trailer

Why Buy an Off Road Camp Trailer?

The question you should ask is, why not buy an off road camp trailer? At VORSHEER in Springville, Utah, we have a large selection of the trailers you are looking for to get you on the road and camping. We have become known for the ability to manufacture overland trailers for a wide range of solutions. What makes us unique is that we can customize your trailer to fit just about any need you have. If you are thinking about taking a remote trip, start with buying the right trailer.


An off road camp trailer gives you the durable design for a long-lasting trailer. These can handle most of the intense experiences that you are likely to take it on. And, because we custom make it for you, you can get just what you need without having to worry about overspending on the process. Pick your trailer with us, customize it, and then count on our team to deliver a comprehensive, impressive trailer ready for your next trip.

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