Off Grid Camp Trailer

Custom Build Your Off Grid Camp Trailer

It is time to hit the road. You want to go where you have not been before. You do not want to have to worry about electricity and running water. Rather, you want to take everything you need with you. Now is the time to consider an off grid camp trailer investment. At VORSHEER in Springville, Utah, we custom fabric them for you. Choose as many or as few features as you like for any need you have. Expect impressive results every step of the way.


An off grid camp trailer designed by us can include a wide range of features for your need. From a basic system that provides you with just enough storage and lighting to keep things pretty simple to those large enough to hold an eight-inch queen mattress, you can have the type of experience you want to have here. Let us work with you to design those that fit your needs, with the amount of battery power, water storage, and overall storage that you need.