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Mini Camp Trailer

Who Will Benefit from a Mini Camp Trailer?

As you plan a trip, you may be thinking about a trailer. Yet, a traditional large trailer will be very difficult to manage if you are traveling alone or just with one other person. This is where a mini camp trailer can come into the picture. These trailers are small – designed to be pulled along by your truck or bigger SUV. They feature the amenities you need to sleep anywhere, but they are not necessarily designed for everyone. Are they right for you?


At VORSHEER in Springville, Utah, we customize mini camp trailer designs to fit just about any need. If you are looking for a basic unit that is right for a weekend away, then we offer our XOC line up. For those who want a vehicle that can provide much more, check out our outline of XOC-R and Armadillo systems. We ensure you can customize just about every detail of your trailer, giving you far more control over when and how you use it.

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