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VORSHEER is a company that is all about bringing functional, simple, and high-quality products to the market.

Founded in 2018 by four former Moby1 employees, VORSHEER is owned and operated by the McCloud family who represents three generations of fabrication and manufacturing. VORSHEER originally starting as a custom fabrication company. Starting out in a garage in spring of 2018 doing custom dog and truck boxes, we soon moved into a full-size to meet our expanding needs. In November of 2018 we produced our first XOC after seeing a lack of reliable and trustworthy companies producing adventure trailers. By the Spring of 2019, we purchased new tooling and machinery from a bank auction. To accommodate the new tooling, we moved into our current space, doubling our manufacturing area and production timeline.

Our mission at VORSHEER is simple: Produce top quality products while maintaining open communication, excellent customer service, and a transparent process.

We will be sure to communicate with you through your entire process as you work with us. If you ever have any questions or concerns you can contact us in person, by email, by phone, or by one of our various social media platforms. All this information is at the top of our web pages for your convenience.


In November of 2018 a customer who had lost their deposit to another company came to us. He was looking for a new trailer to meet his needs and, knowing VORSHEER’s capabilities, he came to us to commission the first XOC trailer we ever built – and the rest is history. 

We have 15 years of combined overland trailer manufacturing experience. We've seen a lot of what works and what doesn't work on overland trailers. When we design our trailers, we take what we know works as well as issues we know need to be addressed to make a tough and long-lasting trailer. Almost everything we do is custom made in house here in the USA. The only parts that aren't made in house are appliances, hardware, wheels/tires, tents, and awnings. Our boxes, roof rack, MOLLE racks and ladder are laser cut from .100 (or thicker) aircraft grade aluminum and CNC bent for a precise fit. They are then fitted and welded to ensure quality is exemplary. Our rolled frame, which enhances our unique look, goes through a similar process. With all tubing laser cut, we can ensure accurate fitment when it comes time to weld. Our trailer bodies, built from all hardwood, are CNC'd and assembled in house using the latest technologies in the marine and RV world to ensure superior weather resistance. This means you get the beautiful wood finish without the issues of water damage, sun rot, etc. All of this is done in house here in the USA. Once all our parts are built, we bring it together for assembly in the same shop to ensure every trailer's quality and uniformity is second to none.



Browse our trailers and choose the one best suited to your needs and style.


We will help choose your options. Once finalized, you'll place your deposit.


We will begin building your trailer. Average build time is 0 - 4 weeks.


Your trailer is done and ready for you to enjoy. Comfort and memories await!


Seeing the need for high quality storage boxes and accessories, VORSHEER has entered the market to provide them. We can produce superior quality boxes in quantities for all your personal or commercial manufacturing needs.


Utilizing 3D CAD, superior materials, CNC laser cutting, CNC hydraulic bending, and experienced fabricators, VORSHEER is able to precisely produce the box or accessory you are looking for. We set a new standard by making our boxes and accessories with a heavier gauge material and quality components that surpass what is available on the retail market. In addition, we offer custom CAD drawing to assist with even the smallest detail in whatever project you may be designing.



Let us know what you want and what criteria needs to be met on it.


Using 3D CAD, we will draw your product to ensure it is what you want.


Production begins once payment is made. Average time is 5 - 6 weeks.


Your job is done and ready for you. Enjoy it in all it's quality built glory.